The New York Times reported today that the cost of health plans for New Yorkers shopping in the exchange will fall 50%.  Yes, yes, there are some factors about New York that make it unique and contribute to this outcome (you can read about them here), but let’s stop for a minute to just think about the policy and rhetorical world we have entered.

The NY Times article contains the following quote:

“We’re seeing in New York what we’ve seen in other states like California and Oregon – that competition and transparency in the marketplace are leading to affordable new choices for families”  — Joanne Peters, spokeswoman for HHS.

That’s a Democrat at HHS championing the wonders of market competition for health care. If you go back just a decade, you’d be hard pressed to find such enthusiasm among Democrats for market competition in health care.  But what I find even more interesting is the fact that conservative critics like Avik Roy are trying to refute or downplay this report.  I can only imagine the excitement that would have accompanied a front page NY Times article in the pre-Obamacare days that seemed to point to the giant savings delivered by market competition in health care.  

What a political world Obamacare has created.